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Raise your energy end relax

The hotel's refurbished wellness center will enchant you. It offers a wide range of services for your perfect relaxation. Our wellness center is available to hotel guests as well as to the public

relaxation pool with counterflow

depth of swimming pool 120cm, length 7m, water temperature 29°, new technology of water filtering with UV lamp

Finnish sauna

rid your body of harmful substances, strengthen the immune system, and accelerate metabolism with an air temperature of 80-100 °C (176-212 °F)


Our skillful masseurs and their handsome hands give your body new energy. There are classic and exotic massages. More info here

private whirlpool

warm water around 36-38 °C (97-100 °F), whirling effect of aquatic therapeutic massages

other services

  • a relaxing and relaxing room with pleasant aroma therapy and relaxing music
  • separate ladies and men's dressing rooms with a hair dryer
  • modern showers
  • Wellness price list

    Entrance to the wellness center 1 hour /person

    (+15 min to change and included the sheet to the sauna)


    Entrance to the wellness center 2 hours /person

    (+15 min to change and included the sheet to the sauna)


    Please note: Payment of wellness services cannot be done with credit/debit card. We accept Sodexo gift vouchers.


    Hotel guests -30%

    Retirees -30%

    Children from 6 to 12 years -50%

    Children up to 6 years free of charge - only allowed with disposable bathrobes or swimsuits and accompanied by an adult.

    Private access to wellness

    Max. 8 people including a private whirlpool with maximum privacy.

    Ideal for groups, corporate events, or larger families.

    Entrance to wellness for one hour

    max. 8 persons


    Entrance to wellness for two hours

    max. 8 persons


    Entrance to wellness for three hours

    max. 8 persons