E - charger

No problem for us. As one of the few hotels and restaurants in Bratislava and Slovakia, we have our charging station for electric cars because we care about the environment, and at the same time, we're going out of our way to accommodate everyone who is on the same eco wave.

Our charging stand is unmissable, you will see it immediately at the entrance to the hotel car park with reserved parking highlighted in green. The yellow stops make it easy to back up to the stand.

Charging is possible at any hour of the day or night. For our guests, both hotel and restaurant, the service is 6,-EUR/hour, full charge of 29,- EUR. While you enjoy your cup of delicious cappuccino, your "e-dad" will replenish its energy. The charging speed is up to 110km per hour*. Up to two electric cars can be charged at the same time on our charging stand. The electric charging stand is manned by the hotel reception staff, who will be happy to assist you and provide further information.

Ideal for electric cars such as Tesla S, Tesla X and Tesla 3, Volkswagen eUP or eGolf, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, and more.

*(depends on the type of car and charging connector used)

Tesla X
Tesla X
Technical parameters

1x Tesla Destination Charger TYPE2 (with cable attached) - AC 22kW three phase (Tesla only)

1x Tesla Universal Charger TYPE2 (with attached cable) - AC 11kW three phase

2x 400V, 22kW, 32A ("five-pin")

2x 400V, 11kW, 16A ("five-pin")

4x 230V, 3.7kW

During reception opening hours

Please contact the hotel reception for more information.

6,00 Eur / 1 hour

29,00 Eur / full charge, max 8 hours*

*After 8 hours > each hour started +2,00Eur